--> Win64 Development Builds of Widelands

(Daily) Trunk builds of Widelands for Windows (64bit)

For more info go to the Widelands Homepage.


There is no support for these builds! They can contain bugs or do not run at all.
They are only intended for testing purposes and bold people who wants to have a look at the latest developments.
Sometimes modern Browsers declare these files malicious because their white/blacklists are not as fast updated as new builds are uploaded here. You just have to trust my word that these are clean files. If you don't: Go setup your own build environment!
Also building these is done voluntarily and not on a regular base, so don't expect every trunk revision here...
For more builds (also 32bit and debug) have a look at the Appveyor Widelands history, each successful build does provide an installer artifact.
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